rfidFarbo Uniforms is developing garment-tracking solutions based on a novel passive ultrahigh-frequency EPC Gen 2 RFID tag with an antenna made of metalized thread. This new tag is more durable, flexible and versatile — as well as less expensive — than other garment tags on the market.

The use of a metalized thread as the antenna enables the tag to be more flexible, since the tag does not need to house and protect a built-in antenna. The metalized antenna thread is available in a variety of customized colors, depending on the customer’s needs. Our RFID tag has undergone extensive testing at the our laundry lab and can withstand the harsh environment of laundry and dry cleaning.

In addition to providing costumes and uniforms for our customers, we also offer management software and solutions to help you monitor the movements and usage of clothing items. We partner with Novus Motion, a firm that offers RFID solutions for the hospitality industry and other businesses that use uniforms and costumes.